Marathon Leagues include entry and a meal to go with it! Knife, Hatchet, and Big Axe Marathon Leagues are $90 until February 1st. Duals Sign-Ups will be at a later time

The days on the drop-down below do not correspond with the day the marathon league is on, they are just options. Please ensure the day you are selecting corresponds to the correct Marathon you want to sign up to! Dates for the specific marathons can be found below. Leagues on Fridays start at 5:30pm, and Leagues on Saturdays and Sundays start at 10:00am.

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Choose Monday for a Knife Marathon on February 10th. Choose Tuesday for a Hatchet Marathon on February 11th. Choose Wednesday for a Big Axe Marathon on February 12th. Choose Friday for a Hatchet Marathon on March 11th.

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